April Programming Focus


Well, ladies and gents the 2019 Open is officially CLOSED! We are back to our regularly scheduled programming. The Open saw some amazingly tough workouts, feats of strength and athleticism, and new PRs...it was a heck a time. But now...onward and upward! In April we shift our focus to POWER. Each week we will see Olympic lifting work that will build toward the end of the month with a heavy single for both the Clean & Jerk and Snatch. These lifts are some of the purest expressions of both power and speed combined. We are looking forward to a lot of PRs! We’ve also got a few special NCFIT benchmarks and workouts coming your way. In the first week of April, we have the memorial hero workout, “Tripp”. Tripp was an NCFIT member who died while serving our country. We will also see the “Ava” workout and a new benchmark “California Love” -- two of Jason’s favorites. All in all, it will be a packed month with a lot of challenging and fun workouts!


It feels like this year is flying by! It is already April, people! In March, we focused on developing some intermediate skills like Toes to Bar, Double Unders and even some Barbell cycling...everyone’s favorite. In April we are going to mix some functional bodybuilding in for the strength with some classic functional fitness style workouts. What does this mean? Well, for the strength, it means you will see more single arm and single leg work at higher reps ranges and under control...lots of tempo will be implemented. Don’t worry...the barbell will still be seen plenty of times. You will get a dose of awareness and control there as well with tempo being added for those movements! In our workouts, we are going to keep it simple, challenging, and effective. Lots of classic couplets and triplets. We hope this mixture of FBB along with Classic workouts will keep things fresh and spice things up!


Hola NC30 crew! Last month, we saw a focus on bodyweight gymnastics movements. This will come in handy for this month! In April, we set our sights on balance...an indispensable component to all things movement related. The transferability of this skill is amazing...whether your goal is to progress to more complex movements with a barbell or continue crushing dumbbell/kettlebell and bodyweight workouts working on your balance and figuring out your body awareness will help big time. Each week will have single-arm and single-leg movements mixed in, along with an emphasis on core stability. Core strength and stability is crucial and is the basis for all movement and without it...maintaining your balance is nearly impossible. Keep crushing the daily workouts and as always, have fun!